Flat Resistance Band Training by Personal Trainer Lauren Peters


Personal trainer and model, Lauren Peters (@larenrpeters), demonstrates a full-body workout using Belus Active 4-foot Flat Resistance bands!

See how flexible these bands are, as Lauren takes you from one exercise to another.

The workout routine consists of 3 rounds, with 15 reps, for each exercise: –

  • One Arm Lateral Raise
  • Side Lunge and Lateral Raise
  • Row and Triceps Kick Back
  • Lunge and Bicep Curl
  • Row and Triceps Kick Back x 2
  • Standing Row
  • Pelvic Raise
  • Upwards Cross Row
  • Glute Kickback

The Belus Active 4-foot Flat Resistance bands are so versatile as shown by Lauren.

They can also be combined together to increase resistance and they can be tied and used as 10-inch and 12-inch loop bands. These bands are very comfortable and easy to use since they are wide (4 inches in width), which makes it less prone to rolling-up, plus, they can be easily tied-up straight onto your thighs.

No wonder Lauren instantly fell in love with them, since she can also bring these bands anywhere and use them anytime!

At a very affordable price, there’s no reason not to try these versatile, durable and stylish bands.

Each set also includes 3 digital books as well as the Belus 7-minute Booty Workout. Start your home workout routine now and achieve your fitness goals in style with Belus Active!