How to stay fit during and after the holiday season

It’s indeed the time of the year again! Time to shop for gifts, to go out-of-town for a much-awaited vacation and to indulge in gastronomic dishes served only once a year. The busy season entails a lot of “extra activities” that might push away your usual, daily routine. So instead of having time for exercise, you may opt to do an urgent task just to beat the holiday rush, like wrap presents instead of doing 3 sets squats and lunges. And these sudden ‘routine shifts’ may have a huge impact on your fitness progress.


But don’t fret, there are a lot of easy ways to keep up with the haste and still maintain a healthy figure. No need to visit the gym or deprive yourself from the holiday feast! You can still get fit during and after all the indulgence as you welcome the new year; just take these quick tips!


Tip #1: Stay active, keep moving

Though most of us plan to relax and take a week off work, you must keep in mind that sitting on the couch all day long is definitely a ‘no-no’. You can unwind by performing interesting physical activities, like jogging in the morning with friends or have a bowling party with your family. Anything that will keep you moving and sweating a bit will surely suffice.


Tip #2: Hydrate and keep track of your food intake

A lot of ‘temptations’ will be served during this season, and there’s no way that you can avoid them except for indulging, but in controlled amounts. Take small portions and stick to them,even if you are not that full yet. A good way to cheat is to drink lots of water. This technique will not only prevent you from overeating, but will also keep you hydrated.


Tip #3: Keep in mind that it’s only for the season

Avoid allowing the ‘holiday treats’ to become staples in your usual diet. It’s good that you have feasted on such delectable food items, but make sure that you drop the junk after the festivities. Don’t let them linger in your pantry, as you may get tempted to take some more and get hooked.


Tip #4: Workout at home

Since you no longer have enough time to visit the gym, make sure you plan your quick workouts at home. All you need to have is reliable equipment that will help you with your routine. You may secure free weights or opt for resistance bands, whichever convenient for your lifestyle, fitness goals and budget. Just don’t forget to take some snaps and share your holiday workout selfies!


Easy to remember, aren’t they? Hope you are having an awesome holiday with your friends and family! Remember the reason why we celebrate the season, and always stay fit regardless of the sumptuous feast!