Mini Band Workout by Personal Training Leeor RIngel


Here’s a quick full-body workout video by Personal Trainer Leeor Ringel using Belus Active mini resistance loop bands. Her workout routine consists of a number of advanced exercises and not all of them are suited to beginners (Leeor is a fitness pro and an advanced resistance band user).


These mini resistance bands are really popular for activating muscles and enhancing workouts.  They are ideal for taking with you on your travels so that you can workout anytime, anywhere! Just imagine how convenient it would be to carry these bands with you everywhere you go; no expensive gym membership required.

Another good thing about using these bands is the fact that they come in different resistance level. So as a beginner, you can start with “Light” (0.4mm, 2-5 kgs), and progress to “Extra-Heavy” (1mm, 9-11 kgs), as you grow accustomed to the resistance exercises. The durability of the bands is also guaranteed since they are made with premium latex making them stronger and last longer.



Now, grab some bands and start achieving your fitness goals in style. Choose Belus Active!