Resistance Bands versus Bodyweight Training

Better results much faster with resistance bands.

It’s not really a question of which is better.  Bodyweight training can achieve amazing results but when resistance bands are added the results can be transformation and much more rapid. 

High intensity internal training (HIIT) using body weight is extremely popular at the moment.  These workouts include familiar exercises such as press-ups and sit-ups using bodyweight as part of a circuit which include high numbers of repetitions.  These routines can have impressive results, which is one reason why they are so popular. 

Including resistance bands in these training routines will create even more impressive results in less time.  This is because of the additional resistance and constant tension during each of the exercises which activates more muscles and improves the fitness and weight loss benefits.

As resistance bands are so portable you can easily take them with you to the gym and use them as part of your bodyweight routine wherever you are.  Of course, Belus resistance bands are not just portable they are also extremely stylish and come with a handy carry bag too.

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