Resistance Training using Tube bands with Handles


Personal Trainer Mallori Cheri Lindberg shows you a  full-body resistance training using Belus resistance tube bands with handles.

In this workout video,  you will see 3 rounds of 15 reps for each exercise:

– Romanian deadlift (RDL)
– Squat with overhead press
– Bicep curl
– Upright row
– Overhead press
– Abdominal V-up

Resistance bands are becoming one of the most sought-after fitness equipment nowadays. Why? because they are light and portable, which allow you to bring them anywhere, so there are no excuses. Moreover, bands are definitely more affordable than weights, and offers great variety of movements.

Unlike the usual loop bands, Belus Active Tube band is an excellent choice when it comes to total body workout. The handles provide good grip, which maintains posture and position during a routine. It is also made with premium materials, which allows it to stretch without losing its form and flexibility.

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