Total Body Workout Using Mini Resistance Bands


Personal trainer Lulu (@bodybylulu) managed to shoot this quick workout video even during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Going to the gym won’t always be a convenient at times like this, good thing she had Belus loop bands with her!

In the video, you will see simple exercises using two loop bands at once, such as squats, side leg raises and jumping jacks.

These 10-inch long and 2-inch wide resistance loop bands are an excellent choice for upgrading your daily exercise routine. You can combine the bands by stacking or knotting them together to incorporate different resistance levels for your workouts.

Grab these bands, find a good spot and start grinding your stuff with these versatile bands. Yes, you can use them anywhere, since they are portable (comes with a carry case) and are stylish too!

And wait! Did you know that Belus  resistance loop bands are made using premium-quality and eco-friendly materials? Commonly, rubber exercise bands are made with Thermoplastic Elastomer, which are less durable but much cheaper. Belus  latex bands on the other hand are stronger, stretch further and last longer. You get the same resistance even after many repetitions!

Order a set, which includes two digital books (Loop Band Guide and Glutes Guide) and a video (The Belus 7-Minute Booty Workout). Achieve your fitness goals in style—anytime, anywhere with Belus!

Feature photo by @johnisasellout