Belus Exercise Tubes with Handles by Resistance Tube Bands

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Made of eco-friendly latex, your Belus Resistance Bands feature thick, foam-padded handles for ultimate non-chafe comfort. 4-tube set provides 4 resistance levels: Light, Medium, Heavy & X-Heavy.

Why settle for basic resistance bands in boring unisex colors? Our Belus exercise set gives you4 custom workout tubes– with 4 different resistance levels – to fit your fitness goals perfectly. Plus, it offersstunning colorsfor an up-to-date fashion statement.

All-Natural Latex Rubber

Forget those flimsy workout bands that easily snap under pressure. Your Belus tubes come in premium latex, known for its tensile strength & natural stretch. Whether you're working your core, toning your glutes, or strengthening arms & back, you'll get comfortably tough resistance, rep after challenging rep. Right in the privacy of your own home or office.

To Top It Off: Comfort Handles

Unlike many latex exercise bands, ours have foam-cushioned handles... so you can work out as much as you want without getting blisters & callouses. What's more, these comfortable handles can help youimprove your formwhile shielding your hands from all direct contact with latex.

All This Plus Our Free Bonus Digital Guide and Carry Bag

Wondering how to get started with rubber resistance bands? Once you order, we'll send you our illustrated digital guide offering step-by-step guidance.

Backed by Our Money-Back Guarantee So Add to Cart Now

Plus, get extras as gifts for all the fitness fans you know.

  • 💖 MEDIUM RESISTANCE BAND: Your premium workout band comes in natural latex rubber, with optimal sturdy stretch for CrossFit, strength training, p90x, yoga, Pilates & more. All at one affordable price.
  • 💖 COMFORTABLE HANDLES: Unlike most latex bands, your Belus exercise tubes have thick, foam-cushioned handles for ultimate chafe-free comfort, so you can focus on your form without distractions.
  • 💖 BEAUTIFUL COLORS & CARRY BAG: Why settle for boring old red, blue & yellow? These ultra-chic resistance bands boast bright, feminine hues for maximum fashion impact... at the gym, office, home & everywhere else. Plus, you get a cute little carry bag.
  • 💖 4 RESISTANCE LEVELS: Your Belus exercise bands provide 4 resistance levels – Light, Medium, Heavy & X-Heavy – 5-10 lbs, 10-15 lbs, 15-20 lbs, to 20-25 lbs. So, you can easily customize workouts to fit your personal goals.
  • 💖 FREE EBOOK & FULL GUARANTEE: As soon as you order, we'll send you our PDF guide to total-body resistance training. Not thrilled with your exercise tube set? Contact us for a money-back refund.

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